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SELAMAT DATANG / WELCOME NADINE HOUSE COLLECTION MENYEDIAKAN PELBAGAI JENIS BARANGAN /KOLEKSI TERKINI SEPERTI BAJU KEBAYA,TELEKUNG,TUDUNG,T-SHIRT DAN SEBAGAINYA. KEPADA SESIAPA YANG BERMINAT UNTUK MEMILIKI SALAH SATU DARIPADA BARANGAN TERSEBUT BOLEHLAH MENGHUBUNGI saya...... Hi all, Welcome to my blogspot store.Most of my products are Clothes(kebaya,shirt,telekung). So u can choose what u like n contact me to get the price. To keep this business run for long terms i need all of ur support guys. Thank You before n after. CONTACT TEL : +60 16 634 8438 BBM PIN : 75F125BB


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Monday, April 21, 2014


Kami mempelawa anda untuk menjadi agen dropshipping kami bagi produk PAKAIAN ,KASUT HANDBAG DAN DLL. Tiada yuran pendaftaran dikenakan. Anda hanya perlu mempromosikan PRODUK kami di BLOG, MULTIPLY, FACEBOOK dan lain-lain bagi mendapatkan pelanggan.

We help you to deliver the parcel directly to your customers.It means that you don"t have to keep any stocks at all.
All you need to do is to collect & place order with us, and we will deliver the parcel directly to your customer.

You do the selling, we do the packing & shipping for you!


1. We will not put our name in the "FROM" address column so that your customer will not know the parcel comes from us.

2. We will not put your address in "FROM" column but we will use a standardized address when sending the parcel.

3. Packaging -
a. We will not use our tag in packing. Only use normal plastic bags & boxes.

3. Items are only reserved for 1 day for making payment.


1. We will not be responsible in dealing with your customer, we only deal with u directly. but not your customers.

2. If a particular stock becomes sold out later, we will inform you, and you will need to inform your customers. We wont be dealing with ur customers , otherwise ur customers will know the items they get are from

3. All the tracking numbers will be provided to you.

4. Once u placed order, the items will be reserved for 1 day only. Order will be automatically cancelled after the reservation period.